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VIDEO: EuCornea Medal Lecture focuses on growing role of DMEK and innovation

To DMEK or not to DMEK, the role of registries and innovation was the topic of this years EuCornea Medal Lecture, awarded to Donald Tan, MD. Corneal transplant registries play an important role in providing data for long-term outcomes, and from there, the superior outcomes of Descemets membrane endothelial keratoplasty in terms of graft survival emerge. Over the years, more and more surgeons have converted to DMEK, and the technique has evolved. Tan introduced two innovations in DMEK: the EndoGl...

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FDA approves drop for itchy eyes due to allergies

The FDA has approved an over-the-counter preservative-free eye drop for itchy eyes due to certain eye allergies, according to a Bausch Health press release. Alaway preservative free (ketotifen fumarate) ophthalmic solution 0.035% antihistamine eye drops are approved to relieve itchy eyes caused by pollen, ragweed, grass, animal hair and dander. Were excited to add Alaway preservative free -- the first and only OTC preservative-free formulation eye drop of its kind -- to our existing Bausch + Lom...

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New eye wear reduces glare sensitivity, improves contrast, color vision

EnChroma Inc. said in a press release that the Lx Eyewear device series could help people with low vision and age-related vision impairments. Each of the four lens categories in the series filter blue light and offer 100% UV protection. Transmission decreases in each category from Category 1 (80%) to Category 4 (3%) to accommodate different lighting conditions and higher glare reduction needs. People with severe glare sensitivity often select different lens tint options through trial and error, ...

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New antimicrobial agents, peptides show promise in fighting multidrug-resistant bacteria

Innovative antibiotics and antimicrobial peptides may dispel the threat of antibiotic resistance, but a joint effort of governments with the pharmaceutical industry is required, according to one presenter at the virtual EuCornea congress. On average, $2.5 billion are spent developing a single antibiotic, and that is not profitable for big pharma who have to make money for themselves and for the shareholders. My take is that governments have to join with industries not only in combating antimicro...

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September's top five glaucoma articles

The most popular glaucoma articles on Healio/OSN in September include a current look at MIGS, the use of a nonvalved aqueous drainage implant and an update on a phase 2 trial. Nonvalved aqueous drainage implant reduces IOP, glaucoma medications A low-cost nonvalved aqueous drainage implant significantly reduced IOP and glaucoma medication use in patients with refractory glaucoma, according to a retrospective review. Read more. When to use which MIGS approach is a nuanced decision New devices, ad...

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September's top five cataract surgery articles

Septembers top cataract surgery articles involve postoperative inflammation therapies and cataract surgery in patients with uveitic glaucoma. Netildex gel meets primary endpoint A phase 3 trial demonstrated noninferiority of Netildex gel twice daily compared with solution four times daily to treat ocular inflammation after cataract surgery. Read more. First pediatric patients dosed in phase 3 Dextenza trial Ocular Therapeutix has dosed the first patients in a phase 3 clinical trial of Dextenza f...

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Trabectome may yield advantage in early postop period

When combined with cataract surgery, both Trabectome and a single Glaukos iStent reduce IOP and medication burden in glaucoma patients, but Trabectome may yield better results in the early postoperative period, according to a study. The study, a retrospective interventional case series, included 45 patients with bilateral visually significant cataract and open-angle glaucoma. Patients were evaluated following same-surgeon surgery in which phacoemulsification with Trabectome was used in one eye a...

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