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  • Revo Harness Sunglasses

    Revo Harness Sunglasses

    Modern and current, smooth and contoured, fast and comfortable - these are the characteristics that define the Harness. An original in the category of high performance meets high style, a favorite und

    $179.00 More Details
  • Revo Huddie Sunglasses

    Revo Huddie Sunglasses

    Huddie is your everyday pair of active sunglasses for men and women that's lightweight, comfortable, and is plain ol' good looking. It features anti-slip nose pads, a patented acetate frame made up of

    $189.00 More Details
  • Revo Windspeed Prescription Sunglasses

    Revo Windspeed Prescription Sunglasses

    Timeless, classic and confident, the Windspeed boasts streamlined design with a slick aerodynamic appearance. Whether measured in knots or nautical miles, it fits perfectly for days that start or end

    $199.00 More Details
  • Revo Bearing Sunglasses

    Revo Bearing Sunglasses

    Streamlined style and slip-resistant comfort are the primary mission of the full-coverage Bearing. Revo High-contrast Polarized Serilium#8482 lenses provide visual acuity in bright conditions, while a

    $189.00 More Details
  • Revo Baseliner Sunglasses

    Revo Baseliner Sunglasses

    Baseliner is your go-to pair of sport sunglasses. Made in Italy, this modern wrap style is super lightweight and comfortable. It features anti-slip nose pads, colors that make sure you stand out from

    $189.00 More Details
  • Revo Drake Sunglasses

    Revo Drake Sunglasses

    Drake is the perfect pair of high performance sunglasses: it fits great and offers superior light protection with Revo's polarized lenses. Plus this square shaped frame does a throwback to Revo's heri

    $349.00 More Details
  • Revo Groundspeed Prescription Sunglasses

    Revo Groundspeed Prescription Sunglasses

    Part explorer, part jet-setter, the Groundspeed is at home in any environment. A classic navigator engineered to showcase the best of cutting-edge Revo technology without losing its stylish shape, our

    $199.00 More Details
  • Revo Descend N Sunglasses

    Revo Descend N Sunglasses

    Rocking the Descend N feels like your frames are almost floating in front of your eyes. A rimless lens design maximizes an unobstructed perspective on the landscape, while Motion-Fit#8482 technology e

    $179.00 More Details
  • Revo Descend E Sunglasses

    Revo Descend E Sunglasses

    A downsized version of Revo's lightweight star, the Descend E melds rimless comfort with a distinct lightweight feel. Motion-Fit#8482 technology and an elastomeric nosepad combine to offer peace of mi

    $179.00 More Details